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Suicide is a major risk for people with mental health issues, but most often that suicide risk is linked to mood disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD, and the connection between addiction and suicide is overlooked. It needs to stop making unreasonable demands on us. Stop trying to keep quiet so others can remain comfortable. However, with survivors, they held on to bad friendships (or that life preserver) for dear life. These friends usually treat them badly I know, I did this. I have dealt with girls who were popular and they felt vulnerable and violated. They tear one another down so they can fight to stay on top. If children are currently dealing with this, do what you can to ensure they are growing up healthy. A fine tight rope line and do not want them clinging to life preservers.

Whether that’s depression, trauma, or dissatisfaction with life, lifestyle changes can bring healthier ways to cope with stress and negative emotions. But that’s a mistake: Substance abuse dramatically increases the chance that a person will take their own life, and all too often those substances are the very tool they use. Since I last wrote, I had a birthday, school started and Clemson football starts this weekend. I never allowed myself to grow and change because my own thought patterns were so dysfunctional. They do not always know if someone is really their friend or not. Thank you Annie Fox for your insightful interview and valuable information!How big is addiction’s role in suicide, and what can be done about it? I am already on the phone about problems cropping up at schools concerning this abuse. They gave me at least a month before going full throttle on me. I wish we could just learn to treat others as we wish they would treat us. I found this blog piece on Twitter over the summer. So, as you see, survivors can come in all packages. When we moved back I wanted to attend my old school but there were no spaces available. So, I had to attend this new school as this is where my bullying began. They have my cell number, email address and know where I live.

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