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David Bromstad has achieved an estimated net worth of $ 2 Million.

David Bromstad, the host of HGTV's Color Splash, wants everyone to know their HIV status.

It's like brushing your teeth'not doing it shouldn't be an option.

I want people to get out there, get tested, and be healthy.

It was a nice transition from doing the video and talking about something I was very passionate about to doing something I'm very passionate about.

What's great about this is that I'll be able to help get the word out in the way I know best'through creative means. I want people to be encouraged and know that getting tested is just something they need to do to maintain their health.

David has completed his education from Wayzata High School and later attended Ringling College of Art and Design.To elevate public awareness about the importance of regular testing, the celebrity designer is teaming up with Janssen Therapeutics to promote the 'Know Yourself: Get HIV Tested' initiative.Drawing upon his art skills, the Miami-based Bromstad will create a mural to be unveiled at an event in September in New York City in recognition of National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.David Bromstad is an extremely handsome man whose hot looks is to die for.He has maintained the position of a top designer since a long time.

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