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What a difference to see the camp with the barberry and some of the other invasive plants all dead.(Vince will be happy to know that Yountz Bridge is now visible.) The shrubs and stalks are still there but no greenery.In April 1945, just weeks before the Tom's Run bridge date of May 25th, General Patton's Third U. Army won the Battle of Kassel and many Germans surrendered.According to the German Military Abbreviations Handbook issued 1943 by the Military Intelligence Service, "Lt." Momberg is a 2nd Lieutenant. I can find nothing on "Prolg" or their military unit name "Ovenecol 35".Spent a little over an hour at Camp Michaux this afternoon prompted by an email from Andre Weltman regarding heavy equipment at the entrance to the lower service road. It is currently focused on removing trees, I assume so they can get access to the concrete structures along Toms Run.

Kassel was the location of the Wehrkreis IX Military Headquarters and was one of the most heavily bombed cities during WWII.

The herbicide did not kill the yuccas, in fact you can see many more of them with the other shrubbery gone.

It also did not kill several other woody plants including bittersweet.

I am fairly certain the footprint of the barracks building farthest to the northwest is now visible.

Andre and I will keep you posted as work progresses on the site of the lower dam. Most of the work involves brush removal at some of the sites that have overgrown since last year.

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