Octogenarian couple finds love through a dating web site

His gifts to me that Christmas were a leather jacket - and a pair of thermal leggings.Two weeks later, when we'd been seeing each other for less than a month, he proposed.

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This is an sumptuous, sensuous, fascinating movie which for me at least probably needs more than one viewing to fully appreciate.

Then, oblivious to the other drivers beeping their horns, he got down on one knee in the middle of the road. 'Promise you'll marry me one day.' I laughed and said yes, thrilled that he felt the same way that I did.

In the summer of 1989, while out for a romantic meal, Matthew proposed properly with a diamond solitaire ring.

This lengthy (142mins) intriguing, complex movie follows the reflections of former novelist, Jem Gambardella (Toni Servillo), as he contemplates his past and current life, a life, it would appear, of lost opportunities both personal and professional.

As a member of the wealthy elite of Roman society, he participates in their empty pastimes; parties fuelled with drink and drugs, bizarre art events and casual sexual encounters with beautiful but soulless women. If all this sounds too heavy, everything is carried along by a welter of gorgeous images complemented by music that varies from the ethereal to hefty thumping dance beats.

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