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You know the answer to that question....deep down you know what that says about her level of interest in you.Following this rule has dramatically improved the quality of my own relationships, culminating with my wife.

This goes a bit deeper than just being able to write a profile as you need to understand what really makes you tick and what your own motivations and emotional drives are.

Needless to say you don't get with them by behaving like a respectable gentlemen.

Finally you've got the diggers....that are attracted primarily to guys who have status and money.

If we accept that women control sexual selection that it logically follows that the way to get what you want (whether that be laid, a harem, a girlfriend, or married) is dependent on your ability to give women what they want.

This is although few people would look at me and think that I'm a player, and I don't have what most people would call "mad game", I'm still able to get what I want: I've figured out what my dating niche is (churchgoing, small town, girl next door types) and how to sell myself to that niche.

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    , in which case the idea of French love has likely traumatized you.) I’m one of those who became a fool for the idea of Parisian romance, which is why I’m now living there and in a successful relationship with a native (after many failed attempts). (Hint: If you speak just the slightest bit of French, you gain points.

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    Choose the restaurant, make the reservations, pre-order the tickets. I’m sure you have wonderful friends, and this rule may not apply to all of them. In fact, if being unfaithful is a possibility at all for you, I’ll have to recommend you head back on up to number one and give this relationship some serious consideration in the first place.

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    I was going to get into the psychology of the strap-on fetish here, but I’ll save that for my next post.