Propertygrid not updating

Remember, it's when A2 gets changed and it updates the value for A1. When I remove the attribute that marks A2 as hidden, A2 DOES get written to the design source, but the A1 property value that is updated and shown in the property grid does NOT write to the source, and that is the problem. Want me to post the HTML and web control sample that I've written to help show it?It's written in Visual Studio 2008, not sure if the problem would exist in a more current version of VS.After changing the values ​​of certain fields should change the number of fields in the property grid (adding new fields, removing unnecessary).

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We have found a solution, but one that I don't necessary like so much.

What we have done in the property setter's is to get a reference to the Control Designer for the control.

Hello again, As far as I see, I think you have to remove all the attributes or just do what I say to you.

Hi, I have an application that use property grid and MVVM.

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