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This was around September of 2005, after months of promoting the idea to the village board.

Indeed, the company offered to charge each board HALF if they went into a deal at the same time, so that both sites could be developed simultaneously and in coordination, even though each site would be its own entity.

The collection could be linked with the Cragsmoor library's art collection into a regional display of Hudson River School paintings.

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But the Board STILL couldn't make up its mind what to do, even rejecting a FREE site, already made and with me offering to maintain it FOR FREE! how about selling elliots and jeffs homes, that is a start.there has got to be a better way to get money for the village, Repeatedly tried to force Elliott out? Care to explain how that ever happened, particularly with a Board that was never going to do it? And, what is the basis of your special knowledge of these matters that we should take you seriously? "Rule #1 (lesson that John Kerry never learned): when attacked with false and outrageous claims, respond quickly and forcefully, or else you hand the argument to the blatant asserters. I said that, based on studies from thousands of counties, where thousands of Wal-Marts went in, that, on average, for every TWO jobs "created" in the Wal-Mart THREE existing retail jobs were lost IN THAT COUNTY (THAT is how widespread the damage is! I went on to show that the two largest targets for a new WM supercenter would be Peters Market and Shop Rite, both OUTSIDE the village but IN the town, as they do 0K in business per week and so must be destroyed to get half the income WM would need to break even.Change the government and things will surely be different. Miracles will occur in Ellenville..old days prior to the summer crowds will reappear. It's over, its dead, it's from a bigone era., never to return, except for the rattlers that is. What kind of asinine people are running this village? Hang gliding, the Rondout Reservoir, many points of beauty to see."garage sale techniques" funny that was my first thought when i read the proposal to sell the art. Why does this Town not have an official website, all inclusive of each little niche in it, that touts why people should come here. It could also include local stores in the area and what we can find there.Haven't heard back on that one either."oh brother here we go again!!!! I checked with a county legislator who had similar experience with conflicts of interest and he said that the mayor ABSOLUTELY had a conflict there. People with less disposable income don't go to theaters, or restaurants, or buy flowers, or take out ads, or buy papers, and don't take out gym memberships or rent videos or pay for dancing or boxing lessons.Remember, my decision not to run again occurred BEFORE the WM flap went public. See, YOU and the other anonymous trolls and twits don't have YOUR name being dragged through the mud, so YOU don't have to defend your reputation and integrity against scurrilous attacks and lies. Bicker bicker bicker you sound like a bunch of kids on a playground. And this cascade then lowers property values, and closed businesses don't pay taxes, so the rest of us have to make it up (WM in Napanoch pays NO village taxes, and the sales taxes go to Kingston, and they have various scams to get out of paying town property taxes and income taxes to the state).

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