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One set of 'metrics' Mayer has clearly taken to heart is research which suggests that, while homeworkers are usually just as productive as office staff, they are often not as innovative because they are deprived of creative interaction with colleagues.

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook and Silicon Valley’s 'other' glamorous woman tycoon, has already been demonised over reports that her forthcoming book will call on fellow working mothers to be more hard-working in the office.

'The baby’s been easy — way easier than anyone made it out to be,' she trilled in a rare public interview.

Mayer, one of the most powerful women in corporate America, has had a meteoric rise even by the youthful standards of Silicon Valley, where people (invariably men) can head huge businesses almost straight from university.

It was one example of allegedly excessive spending cited by hedge fund manager Eric Jackson submitted in a 99-page presentation to the board of the company detailing the millions Mayer has been spending as Yahoo continues to struggle over the past three years, losing more and more ground to Internet giants Google and Facebook.

Jackson, the founder of Spring Owl Asset Management in New York City, also detailed the 0million Mayer has spent on free food for employees over the past four years as well as the million she spent giving away Jaw Bone Up fitness bracelets to mark her one-year anniversary at the company.

An individual who attended the company's Gatsby party wrote about their experience for Vice's Motherboard, saying the party was held in a warehouse on a pier and filled with chandeliers, a Rolls Royce , and even 'swinging flapper aerialists pouring champagne towers.'Mayer apparently spent million for Yahoo to sponsor the Met Ball earlier this year, which in turn secured her a spot on the elite hosting committee alongside Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lawrence, Wendi Murdoch, actress Gong Li and Chinese billionaire Silas Chou.

As for how Mayer might respond to being terminated, Jackson said; 'I don't think anyone knows - even the people who work closest with her, wouldn't be able to answer that question.

, the company can only hope they don’t hear the sounds of a happy child at play coming from the office of their boss, Marissa Mayer.At the American Council on Education, we are driven to make these beliefs a reality with cutting-edge programs and research, unfaltering advocacy and passion to excel as an organization.actress has become Instagram official with new boyfriend, Alex Da pair started dating this summer.There are lots of people who can speculate.' Mayer would also make a sizable amount of money if she were let go, with her severance package of .8million if she is fired.CNN Money reports that if she loses her job because the company is sold her package would be valued at about 0million.

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