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These eras are presented sequentially, and, with the exception of the first and last eras (Ephesus and Laodicea respectively), are of equal length.

It will be remembered from our study of the millennial day structure of God's plan for human history (covered in part 5 of the series) that the Age of the Church comprises two millennial days or two thousand years (the last seven of which are coterminous with the Tribulation).

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The overwhelming reality of His final victory and our blessed unification with Him at that time will transcend to such a great degree whatever horrendous trials it be our lot to endure in the time between that all such relatively "light affliction" will not be worthy of comparison to the glories destined to follow them.In the experience of these seven churches, we are given to see the unique characteristics of each of the seven historical eras of the Church.Nor is it unprecedented for corporate tendencies to dominate for centuries at a time as is the case in the seven Church eras. Thus the messages to the seven churches, far from being a lengthy aside, are an essential and comprehensive history of the Church, conveying our focus rapidly forward from the 1st century to the very brink of the Tribulation (where, as it happens, we now stand), and dong so in a manner that teaches us a tremendous amount in the process.Home staging brings a home to life and can be the key to creating an emotional connection in a potential buyer.Showhomes was a pioneer in home staging and continues as the leader in this fast growing industry.

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